Fall Semester 2022 Classes

                       ONLINE CLASSES
1.  Introductory Greek--Dr. Charles Cooper
      Monday 7-9 pm.  
Please Note:  This will be a required 
      course for all students during the Fall
      Semester 2022.  Please register for it. 

2.  Inductive Bible Study--Dr. Robert Edward Fox       Tuesday 6-7 pm
3.  Israel's History--Dr. Markiet Lewis
     Tuesday 7-8 pm
4.  The Pauline Epistles--Dr. Joe Holloway                     
Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm
5. Cults I--Dr. Eric Dickey
     Tuesday 8-9 pm
6.  The Book of James--Sister Linda Bunch
      Thursday 6-7 pm

1.  The Book of Ephesians--Dr. Vernon Graves
      Tuesday 7-8 pm, Calvary Baptist Church                   Laurel, MS
2.   English--Rev. Vincent Hutton
      Thursday 7- 8 pm, Calvary Baptist Church,              Laurel, MS
3.   The Book of Genesis--Rev. Spencer Moncrief,        Thursday 7- 8 pm Mt. Nebo Baptist Church,            Raleigh, MS

                         ONSITE CLASSES
1.  The Tabernacle--Dr. Joe Holloway
      Tuesday 6-7 pm, Calvary Baptist Church,                Laurel, MS
2.  II Peter and Jude, Dr. Earnest Collins                         Tuesday 6-7:30 pm Mt. Vernon Baptist                     Church, Petal, MS
3.  The Life of Paul--Dr. George Trotter
      Tuesday 7:30-9 pm, Mt. Vernon Baptist                    Church, Petal, MS
4.   New Testament Survey--Dr. Marvin Evans,              6-7 pm, Bethlehem Baptist Church,                          Shubuta, MS
5.   Old Testament Survey--Dr. Terry Jones,                     7-8 pm, Bethlehem Baptist Church,                           Shubuta, MS
6.    The Book of Ezekiel--Dr. John Lee, 7-8 pm
        Macedonia Baptist Church                                            Ocean Springs, MS
7.     Dispensationalism--Dr. Charles Guy, 8-9 pm
        Macedonia Baptist Church
        Ocean Springs, MS